streda 1. júna 2011

.winter is back

...ano ano... vo Wallisi nam sneziiilo brrr.. A tu v Berne nam leje a leje..:(
Snad to bude cez vikend lespie, chcem ist konecne na kupkooooo!!
Dneska len tak narychlo, idem sa supnut po periku a cucat na TV...
... yep, in Wallis was snowing today and here in Berne its raining all day..:(
I hope, it`ll be better on weekend I wanna go swim and sunbathing!! :)
So I quickly gonna post and relax in bed, watching TV..:)

Have a nice wednesday *

3 komentáre:

suzinqa povedal(a)...

tie z HM su super!

bellatrix povedal(a)...

pekne saty:)

Anonymný povedal(a)...

Self had only not taken african-americans chic the taste.