nedeľa 27. marca 2011

Neon Colours 2011

Red, neon orange, pink, royal blue, have strong color signal.
summer, perhaps even more than usual
Color ensures freshness. Color is combined and thus becomes a modern.

Colourblocking is the
latest method, as the colors combine with each other.

Jil Sander is a typical example of combining neon colors and, therefore, do not worry and combine this summer!!!

So you can match it with a perfect bags and clutches:

2 komentáre:

Katka povedal(a)...

Mám rada Jil lebo majú vždy farebné kolekcie..

možno by pomohlo keby si dáala trošku väčšie fotky .. :)

Dee povedal(a)...

uplne suhlasim! ..neonove farby-najlepsi trend tohto leta