sobota 16. mája 2009


Krasny Dnik prajem Vsetkym Fashion Adicts!!

Volam sa Dominika, but friends call me Doncha.
Nice to meet you, btw. :P

So in June I`m turning to be 19 (very veery old, i know)
Living in a Switzerland is not that bad. Berne is a very nice town, not that big one, but you can find very nice shops around here. And the nature is also very beautiful.

Its hard to describe my hobbies, cos i am really lazy person. :P

Movies: Breakfast at Tiffanys, Shopaholic, The Godfather, Elizabethtown, Devil wears Prada, Samaria,... I also love Drama, Thriller, Horrors and teenage movies (sometimes)

TV: The Hills, Gossip Girl, 902 10, The Skins, The City, ...

Music: I love the GOOD MUSIC!!!

Books: magazines (mostly): Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Emma, Eva, Annabelle...

Just a little bit about another inernet identity...



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